I waited after a week’s use to blog about one of the conditioner and Shampoo Bars by Coral Triangle Artisan Soaps so I can completely dish out what I think about this wonderful, locally made, organic product!

I was already looking for shampoo bars and conditioner alternatives for the ones I had been using so I can keep my hair long and healthy. But in doing so, every cautious, long-haired individual knows that long hairs need a good amount of hair product, or simply something that suits their hair type. The bottles that I go through make me feel so guilty for being another contributor to the millions of plastics already piling up in landfills. So that was one major factor that really had me going for those shampoo bars.

My Shampoo Bar Story

Coral Triangles Artisan Soap English Pear Shampoo Bar and Peppermint Conditioner BarAfter getting the chance to do our grocery run, I dropped by Kultura at SM Seaside to check out their natural soap and shampoo section, but I only saw 2 brands that provided similar ingredients: Gugo and Virgin Coconut Oil. I bought and tried the VCO shampoo bar that night but it ended up making my hair uncombable and it made my scalp so itchy that I ditched it right away after one use. I had to shampoo my hair again by lunchtime the next day because the itchiness just was not right.

Luckily, we were able to go to Ayala Center Cebu on Friday of that following week after I bought the other shampoo bar, and just like that, I walked past this colorful stall in Ayala that was selling organic shampoo bars. Of course, I had to take a look!

I was able to meet the owner, who is also part of Cebu’s women entrepreneurs where she helps the community by working with people in her business from the marginalized sector. She happily educated me about their products and what they were made of, and because of my bad experience with the first shampoo bar I had gotten just the previous weekend, I immediately asked her if it would make my hair hard to comb or not, but she assured me that it wouldn’t because her shampoo bars use goat’s milk and that they are sulfate-free (sulfates strip away the oils in our hair but it also draws out the natural oils and moisture that can lead to dry, unhealthy hair).

Getting the Product

After hearing all the goodness and benefits, I bought one of the Shampoo Bars by Coral Triangle Artisan SoapsĀ in English Pear scent and one conditioner bar in Peppermint scent.

It smelled so good from the minute I bought it that I immediately and excitedly took a shower and used both products right away. I WAS SO HAPPY WITH THESE TWO!!!
The Wash

When I washed my hair with the other shampoo bar I first used, I remembered how hard it was to get a good wash through the tangles of my hair, but with one of the shampoo bars by Coral Triangle Artisan Soaps, it was such a breeze! Like you would actually know that it is good for your hair and scalp and that it would not be a harsh wash. It smells great, bubbles up well, and most importantly, you can feel your hair getting cleaned well by it (for its price).

Notice the image below and the coverage of their Peppermint conditioner bar provided my hair. I like how “slippery” or “slimy” it feels, and how it feels just like the conditioners I’m used to. It also has castor oil as one of the ingredients that our hair loves, so it’s just really really good!

My hair applied with conditioner

The Proof is in the Pudding

Lastly, I want to show you some proof of how smooth and easy to comb my hair feels after using both products:


Coral Triangles Artisan Soap English Pear Shampoo Bar and Peppermint Conditioner Bar in soap rack 1

So in summation…
  • My hair feels smooth after use (manageable)
  • It helps minimize the itchy scalp feels
  • Their Peppermint conditioner feels utterly cool on the scalp!
  • Their products smell great, although the scent is not long-lasting
  • The price-to-use ratio is economical (the amount I can use per wash is a lot but the product is still there)
  • I have noticed lesser hair-fall
  • Make sure to keep your soap or conditioner dry after use where water does not get to it

If you want to try their products for yourself, you can check them out at Ayala Center Cebu or visit Coral Triangle Artisan Soaps FB Page and Instagram sites to place your online orders.

Coral Triangles contact details

Coral Triangle is a Cebu-based maker of artisan soaps and shampoo bars. Please place your order via our page.

Making the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars really changed how I choose my products now and I really want to support their advocacy in sustainable living, plastic-free products that help our environment.

If this helped your search for shampoo bars and other organic hair products, leave a comment, and share some love! Have a great day!


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