Whether you are a client looking for a free web time tracker for freelancers or a freelancer looking into tracking your time for your client, here’s one that’s easy to use which also makes it easy for invoicing. I discovered one that’s always free to use without any trial periods.

QTime Software Clock In Page
  • Free web time tracker
  • Easy Clock In and Clock Out system
  • Has Admin and Member functionalities
  • Allows you to see total hours worked
  • Downloadable Time Logs (CSV File)
  • Active Support Team

I also checked out other ‘free time trackers’, but most of them require a trial period of at least 7 – 14 days, after which you have to choose the second basic plan that allows a supervisor or other team member to have some kind of access to your time logs.

Though free plans are also offered by other time trackers for single users, they may have limited access to who can see your time logs and other wonderful features that are only offered on their paid plans. So, check out the practical uses that QTime Software has to offer.

Free Web Time Tracker

QTime Software is a web-based time tracker that simply does its job in just keeping track of your work time. Simple and uncomplicated. You clock in, you clock out.  At the end of your working day, you will see the total time you have logged on the time tracker. Regardless of the times you have clocked in or out, it will just summarize the total hours you have worked for that day, or even for different dates selected on the calendar box. But, QTime Software does not offer screenshots.

 If you are looking for a free time tracker that takes screenshots, this may not be the software for you or your team, as well as for the fact that this has no app and is purely web-based.

QTime Total Hours and Date Selection boxes

Easy Clock In and Clock Out System

See the green button on the image that says ‘Clock In’ inside the box? That will also be the same button you will click on to clock out. Easy peasy. Oh, and it can the background on the clock in/out page can also tell when it’s morning or evening!

Has Admin and Member Functionalities

I also created an Admin account just to see how it looks like on the other end, since the screenshots used here are from my Member account.

The two (2) main differences between an Admin and Member accounts are:

  1. Downloading your time logs to CSV File.
  2. Being able to add/invite members.

Both functionalities are only available if you have an Admin account which is very useful when you are handling teams, or if you are a client who needs to see the time logs of your employees (freelancers). You may also request for an Admin account from your supervisor if you currently have a Member Account that was setup through an email invite.

QTime Email Invite

Downloadable Time Logs (CSV File)

This function is only available on Admin accounts. You can have a downloadable CSV File of your time logs that can be emailed to your company’s payroll department or for any invoicing purposes from client-freelancer or the other way around, however it works for your team. As for having a member only account, QTime Software’s Support suggests that you ask for an Admin account from your Supervisor if you need to download your Time Logs. Which leads me to my last point about their Support Team.

Active Support Team

Considering that they have this web-based software free of use, their Support Team still replies in a fast and timely manner. I already got in touch with them twice; first was for deleting my Admin account that I created for the aforementioned purpose above, and second for my concern on downloading my time logs while using a member account. Their Support Team answered my inquiries simply and promptly.

PROs and CONs

  • Free to use
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to clock in and out
  • Downloadable time logs in Admin account
  • Easy to add/invite team members
  • Active Support Team
  • No screenshots
  • Web-based, no mobile app (yet)
  • Does not take screenshots (if you need screenshots)
  • Cannot download time logs in Member account
These are the pros and cons that I can think of so far and I hope that this has somehow helped you in your search for a free web-based time tracker, whether you are a client or a freelancer.
Do you think QTime Software might be what you are looking for? Hit the comments section and let me know if you need my freelancing services. Don’t forget to clock out! 🙂


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