Things aren’t all too bad being in this quarantine, even if things have changed from the norm that we were used to, so if you think you’re not yet making the most of this time, I hope this 10 Things To Do During Quarantine list might give you a different perspective that you might already have!

Each item on this list is equivalent to 2 points. See how much you score!

Point system:
2 – 6 Just chillin’
8 – 12 Easy Peasy
14 – 16 I’m enjoying this!
18 – 20 Living to the fullest!

Let start!

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You have…

  • Avoided Impulse Shopping
    Technically, there’s always online shopping but knowing how Filipinos love to go to the malls to shop and dine, the quarantine has helped you avoid an impulse move from buying things that you don’t need just because it was on sale. Good job as well for staying indoors, it’s contributing to lesser people getting into contact.

  • Put Off Wearing Makeup
    I hope this is a much appreciated season for you and individuals who (need to) wear make up to work. Let this quarantine period be a time for your face to rejoice and rest from daily makeup use. Your face will thank you for it!

  • Done Hair Damage Repair
    Just like getting time off from makeup use, your hair  needs to get away from constant hair styling, products and hair dyes that contribute to hair damage. Let your hair down and prep some hair care masks that you have lying around at home.
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  • Gotten More Sleep
    Now that you don’t have to travel to work, given that you have a work from home setup, you can now squeeze in some more snooze time! Traffic has also eased up if you still need to go to your workplace, so pretty much makes it a lot easier to travel (having learned that a lot of companies are required to provide transportation to their employees). But then again, there’s also Netflix to binge on at night (or anytime), so yeah. Haha!

  • Decluttered Some Spaces
    We all have put off a little clean-up time because of our day-to-day schedules. Why not declutter that certain corner in your home? You’ll then definitely be able to check that off of your to-do list! If you have done this already, way to go, you!

  • Learned A New Skill
    Supermarkets seem to run out of flour easily, so if you are cooking or baking something new, congrats! You have just unlocked a new skill in making another favorite recipe! Keep it up! If you have acquired a new online skill, keep at it!
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  • Eaten Whatever’s There
    I grew up having my grandparents at home and I cannot stress this enough on how our Lolas (grandmas) were right! “Di magpili og kaon kay inig gubat way ma pili.” It basically means that during a war (or hard times), you can’t be choosy with what you want to eat. I for one really consider this pandemic a war, even though we are battling an unseen enemy that is just as deadly. So if you have given that cracker in your cupboard a chance, good job!

  • Repaired Something
    When the malls were all closed (here in Cebu), hardwares were not easily available to get to for home repairs that you finally had time for. But if for some reason your will-power urged you to get that job done (especially if you are married), you may have just earned some cookie points from your wife or husband! Cheers!

  • Connected With Family
    Family doesn’t have to be blood, because they’re the people we choose to have in our lives because we love them in return. Getting in touch with them shouldn’t be so hard since there’s Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, and of course, Zoom. Bless your heart if you have reached out to people you do not normally do, most especially if you just simply stay in touch with your family.
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  • Spent Time With Yourself
    Not all people get the chance to help out the waves of people in need, but if you have started with yourself, invested time to better your thoughts and daily goals, you are one step to becoming a better you. Take it a day, even one small step at a time. Rome wasn’t built overnight. Be easy on yourself. Love yourself.

No matter what your score is if you are keeping healthy and being a good member of society, then you have yourself and your family to be proud of because you guys are showing that you also care for other people.

So,what’s your score on the 10 Things To Do During Quarantine? 🙂

Stay safe, stay awesome, and stay indoors! 🙂


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