Try this Filipino snack and learn How to Make Soft Banana Cues that go perfectly with your go-to drink, any day!

You just need the following ingredients:
  1. Saba Bananas (plantains)
  2. Brown sugar (1 cup is to 4 bananas)
  3. Cooking Oil (at least 1 cup to deep fry the bananas)
Follow the steps on the video on how to make soft banana cues and you are on your way to creating a beloved Filipino afternoon treat!

Once they are ready, you can prepare them on cue sticks (that’s why they’re called Banana Cues). But we like them served on a plate with a fork as well. Noms!

I hope my how to make soft banana cues video was enough for you to follow through and added another snack option for you and your family!

What would you like to pair this up with? Share that drink in the comments below! Happy slices! 🙂


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