When you are so near to the end but only rank number 2, every PUBG player knows how it feels to come so close to a chicken dinner. So here’s me on a game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with my husband. Enjoy!

If you play PUBG, we dropped off at Lipovka and made our way into the play area but we did not come across any enemy along the way. Nearing the end, my husband was able to warn me that there were enemies hiding right after a hill. I only started the recording when we were only 4 or so players left.

Again, every PUBG player knows how it feels to almost be the only player left alive because you know you will be adding those points to your ranking and just that ecstatic feeling of seeing that ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!’ message at the end of every round.

Lastly, every PUBG player knows how it feels to stand over your last kill to loot their items and then eventually waste your bullets on nothing because you have like 30 seconds to yourself to enjoy the last scenery.

I did not win this round, but this is for the many times and tries that I have given my time on the game to improve my play, which also applies to life in general. I cannot say I’m great at it this game like how other adults players are, but I have my own gaming strategy that seems to work out for me. So, I guess that is just fine.

Try PUBG with your friends or families, you might even like it! 🙂


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