Becoming a freelancer may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay, this blog is not about that anyway since this is about the benefits of freelancing and what you can enjoy out of it, or how I have enjoyed it. Of course, there is an opposite side to it as well. But in my opinion, these are my 5 reasons for its upsides:

Enjoy Different Environments
The home office can get boring at some point, so going to a different place where you can set your laptop down and be able to charge it is the next perfect “new office” of the day for you. Coffee shops are often the number one go-to place for freelancers, but recently, co-working spaces are also becoming popular since you do not really have to buy an expensive beverage just to be able to connect to their wifi.

Quick Change of Pace
Just like a change in the environment, when you go out, you are also changing your usual routines and pace at home. Instead of just waking up to do your rituals before getting to your home office or work desk, going out lets you put on a clean shirt, the least. For myself alone, I like to look better than how I would usually do when I’m just in front of the computer at home (freelancers get this ‘no shower’ look haha).

Apart from that, you also get this renewed sense of perspective on why you do your freelancing duties. For me, it works out for us as a family for me to be an earning stay-at-home mom.

Overview of Coffee Shop work table for benefits of a freelancer 2

Own Your Time
At some point when you are already comfortable with your schedule, you already know how much time you would need to allot per task, so from that point on, you can get creative with your other schedule for your personal stuff and time for family and friends. Scheduling your tasks and putting things in order always ensures things get done on time since a freelancer can have 1 or more clients, time management is ultimately needed for work outputs. As long as you have an internet connection, work can always ensue.

It is such a novelty to own your time as long as you pair it up with discipline and strict practices because you get to do tasks on your own terms like starting and stopping when you want to. I am not promoting procrastination, but I am referring to those times when you get so focused on your work, you do not have to worry about not getting any overtime pays because you just want to finish your task.

Maximize Your Pay
Your takehome pay can go much further than your traditional office jobs’ salary. The mere fact of paying for your gas for commute or public transportation, already means that a chunk of your pay always goes to that for you to get to work. If you do not have to pay for them, your pay can go for a higher internet speed plan or just basically go for anything you need to spend that money on!

More Family Time
I’m saving the best reason for last. As a stay-at-home mom, this really means the world to me to be able to oversee things at home and personally witness the developments of my growing son. When I used to have my nightshift office jobs, I would feel so guilty for not being able to help my son with his homework or simply not be able to take him to school or get him from school because of my shift. I relied greatly on my husband and that felt so wrong for me to not be able to do things for him. Now, being a full-time freelancer has allowed me to be a more present and productive wife and mother for my own family and I would never trade this for anything in the world. I owe it all to my husband’s enduring support as well.

Enjoying the benefits of freelancing can come in different forms for different people. But what I can simply say is to just enjoy every bit of the journey because it can be different from one freelancer to another.

You can also read more about Why I Enjoy Being A Virtual Assistant in my previous blog and why I continue to be a Content Writer.

I hope I was able to lay down some important benefits of freelancing that could help you change your perception of freelancers (if you are not yet one).

What do you think? 🙂


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