It could well be written more than a thousand times over by individuals and why they enjoy being a Freelancer. After all, it does come with its perks, and rightly so that is why I am joining the bandwagon of people who enjoy being a virtual assistant.

As a full-time mom and a part-time work-at-home mom, I still cannot fathom how blessed I already am to be able to have eyes on things at home yet still be mentally stimulated with a little online freelancing, and I cannot thank my husband enough for always being so supportive. So why do online home-based jobs? Let’s see.

Why I Enjoy Being A Virtual Assistant

I Get to be a Work-at-Home Mom
You can be a full-time stay-at-home mom and still be a Virtual Assistant at the same time. Both of which still count as jobs. If you choose to do a home-based job, you basically just need the internet and a computer, or even your mobile phone just to get you going. Oh, and perhaps include the mindset that you need to keep on learning new things as well since trends and technologies are incredibly fast-changing and learning new apps is vital; all of which you can do within the comforts of your home.

No Need to Wear Makeup Every Day
I remember when I used to have office jobs that a good chunk of my sleeping time would be reduced just for prepping myself to work. I never really favored always wearing makeup since it’s just not good for the skin. Now? I wake up, go to our home-office and start stuff in the same clothes that I slept in. Yes, it totally eliminates the ‘I’m running out of work-clothes to wear’ situation, too. Plus I try to avoid wearing make-up too consecutively to let my skin breathe. In my setup where we don’t have Skype video calls, I do not have the need for upper apparel neatness for calls hehehe.

Avoid the Commute
This has to be the saving grace of work and companies who allow working from home since traffic is treacherous out there! But really, your pay can go to other things for yourself and your family instead of having to put if off for gasoline. Plus it minimizes car washes, too.

You Can Avoid Office Politics
Pretty self-explanatory even in different aspects. As a person who can work alone, there is bliss in this.

I Watch Videos on the Side - Why I Enjoy Being A Virtual Assistant
Watch Videos on the Side

Sometimes you can get your writing inspiration from any of the videos you are watching, and playing a video just gives that calming background noise effect. Aside from videos, playing your own playlist without any headphones and any officemate telling you off to tone it down can be liberating. Or in this case, it can be one of your household members who can give you this honor (chuckling inside).

In some cases as a freelancer, it may be that you have to do two or three different tasks just to get the job done, especially when you do not work with a big team. But it never comes without any satisfaction that you were able to do it all on your own. Technically, it really depends on your client or company, so choose your niche wisely – one you can see yourself in (for me, I choose the Content Writing path).

A work from home type of job brings a different sense of pride knowing that you are earning from home no matter how little you start with, and that basically sums up why I like working from home.

If you are interested in getting into a freelancing career, there are many online classes out there that you can enroll in or if you prefer to do a self-study, you most certainly can by going on Google and YouTube.

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