Mane 'n Tail Olive Oil Complex Herbal Gro ShampooThinning hair isn’t fun at all because as petty as it may seem, our hair adds to how we look and it also plays a part in our self-esteem. I even get too worried when my hair is either just thinning out or when it is falling out.

So I went to our nearest trusty Watsons Shop again to look for hair care products.

On the shelf, there were a lot of different shampoos and conditioners that would help give you softer and more manageable hair (I have unruly wavy hair).

My haircare routine has just come from very fragrant and hair softening formulas that I think may have attributed to the thinning feeling of my hair. This time, I opted to choose for thickening and/or moisturizing options instead.

Without a doubt, I had to check out the Mane ‘n Tail products on the shelf because I have always heard good feedback about it and how it has made its users’ hair thicker. Obviously, I had to put it to the test.

Bluish-green and thin consistency of the Herbal Gro Shampoo  Mane 'n Tail Herbal Gro Shampoo and regular conditioner

On the shelf was the regular Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and this Herbal Gro Shampoo, which looked new to me, so of course, I chose this one. The label says “Strengthens & Nourishes, Reduces Breakage.”  Sounds good to me. I also paired it with their regular conditioner to go with the shampoo.

PROs (after a month’s use)

  • High-foaming even in small amounts (I dilute less than a tablespoon amount with water)
  • Surprisingly smells good
  • My hair feels thicker!
  • Hair is still easy to comb
  • My head does not feel warm throughout the day (as some products have this effect)
  • My ends do not seem damaged or have not dried out
  • I noticed lesser hair on my hairbrush


  • It is pricier than other local shampoos and pricier than their regular shampoo
  • Not available in all grocery stores
  • If you are looking for a shampoo that will also soften your hair, this is not the one you are looking for.  Your hair will fee a bit “rough”but not damaged since it is thickening, but definitely not smooth.

This is the health of my hair now after a month’s use. I also have colored hair that would easily dry and die out while I used previous formulas. I think I will be sticking to this line of products for quite some time since my hair is totally okay with it.

I would highly recommend this shampoo if you are looking for a formula to thicken your hair. It goes great with their conditioner, too! Bubble up! 🙂


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