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I decided to try a Keratin Lashlift to save some time on my make-up routine for our trip, that way, I would not have to bring my lash curler with me.

I heard about Fab Lab Aesthetics Cebu‘s Keratin Lashlift on Facebook through recommendations and finally gave it a go.

My lashes were done on May 14, 2018,  just 5 days before our trip.

When I got there, the studio was still closed since my reservation fell on a holiday. Still, they accommodated my reservation which I intially had changed from a Wednesday to that very Monday!

Getting a bit anxious about whether my reservation would really push through after I arrived at the closed studio, I sat outside the studio where two ladies were also seated. They were actually the lash experts of Fab Lab who were highly professional in greeting me and apologizing how their studio was still closed. There was a slight delay in handing over the keys from the owner since something urgent came up and had to be attended to. True enough, it was just a 5 minute delay before my lashes got their sweet pampering.

When we started, I was the first one in, then 4 more ladies came in gradually. We were all treated very royally by their lash experts who were very easy and nice to deal with. So if they were that chill, wait till you meet the owner!

I had the chance to meet Janie (the Fab Lab creator and owner). Very sweet, pleasant and extraordinarily down-to-earth! She checked on all of us and made sure we were comfortable in our lash beds (if I may call them that), just as how the lash experts also checked on us because that’s just how they are at Fab Lab, they love making us feel important and pampered, something she said that she wanted to undo when ladies go for a pampering session but get treated brashly because of the volume of customers coming in. Trust me, you’ll like the energy there.

After a little chitchat, and some refreshment, the owner assured me that the Keratin Lashes lasts up to 8 weeks, but depending on the lash growth, they’d still be just as fabulous.

Since my lashes are long and my eyelids are hooded, you’ll really be able to see the fold of my lashes after the Keratin Lashlift.

I will never forget what she said that made me giggle so much because they too were very proud of their work.

She said: “Lashes to heaven girl!”

Indeed, these lashes are just as fab even after swimming and a whole lot of eye rubbing.

Taken 2 hours after the procedure:


After 3 weeks and a lot of eye-rubbing and swimming:

They are still up and fabulous!

Thanks to Fab Lab Aesthetics for my great Keratin Lashes!

The Keratin Lashlift initial fee is Php 1,500.00

And then it becomes Php 1,000 after your first lashlift.

You can find them at:



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