My son has been asking for these character plushies from an online guessing game on Steam called Trivia Murder Party from Jackbox TV , which I think is quite expensive to get all together.

So, I decided to sew them myself with my son’s instruction that he would draw the faces  and their backside which is their ghost side. It’s a funky plushy I know, but hey, his growing years go by so fast that all I can do is support and enjoy his changing likes and/or dislikes (with proper guidance as far as my parenting goes).

What I like about making things for my son is how grateful he gets and how his face lights up whenever I make things for him. Be it dolls, costumes or simply preparing food for him. But lately, he has given me the choice of characters to make from his chosen game. I usually go by the spare cloth that I can use for the dolls and the ones that look easiest to make from a pattern.

I have been making costumes and other pretend-play stuff for him over the years, even though they might not look world-class but to my son, it means the world to him. With that, I can never figure out what I did right by him to deserve his kindness at such a young age.

Just look at the difference versus the ones I made above:

The handmade dolls (front)

The back of the handmade dolls
reference to the character: The Nerd
reference to the character: The Lovers

reference to the character: The Red Herring

*or check-out to get their 3D printed versions.

Either way, I just want to write about this mother and son activity and I have where I make the plushy and he adds the necessary drawings. It is so much cheaper to make the plushies ourselves, though not as pretty, I am quite sure that I have definitely won my son’s heart and interest. XO


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