I have now officially joined my husband and my sister-in-law in this running craze and I can say it has its benefits. It was on November 10, 2019, that I joined my first fun-run. There were no medals, just the run shirt that you get after registering. We joined a half-marathon event where my husband ran the 21K route while I ran the 6K route.


I really started slow and was even left last in our 6K batch. I started out in the middle and saw each one of them pass me one by one, two by two and in groups. I was somehow getting the feeling of desperation after seeing all the other runners pass me by. But before the run, my husband sent me a message (while he was already on his 21K route): “Just run on your own pace. Mwah.”

I held on to that thought while doing my run, and slowly but surely, I made it to the 3K mark. I started seeing a few runners heading back from their 12K runs and very few from their 21K runs. I kept running and walking alternately and the next thing I knew, I was at the 6K turnaround point! It was hard to believe that after all my mental and physical struggle, I reached the turnaround point and caught up with some of the people who were getting behind, but this time, with a renewed sense of energy. I was able to run past them now.

After a few more minutes, a total of 58 minutes and 37 seconds, I reached the finish line where I waited for my husband.

Screenshot_20191114-105811_Samsung Health.jpg

My husband also had a different struggle as he surprisingly got a cramp which caused him to slow down from his usual pace.

It was from that challenge that my husband realized that in life, all things will come to pass and that you just need to be resilient so you can weather through any storm (or in this case, every mile!).

I am also grateful for my husband who has never forced me to join him on his regular runs but in a way showed me his enjoyment in doing so. What an invigorating feeling to achieve something in my skin, weight, and goal.

To more future runs and inspiring those who wish to overcome new challenges and do more in life the healthier way!

Everything will be Just Fine!

By the way, these are the benefits that we have observed:

  • Sleeping earlier
  • Avoiding sodas
  • Clearer skin
  • Weight loss
  • Stronger muscles
  • Improved stamina

Do you like to run, too? Or are you a beginner just like me? Hit the comments section and share some thoughts to inspire others, too! 🙂


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Gol Yapching · December 8, 2019 at 5:41 pm

Nice post bibi kow :)🥰🤟

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