I hope you are doing just fine because here is another random find, a facial wash that caught my eye and thought that I would give a try.

It is the Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash in Lemon scent. The Fresh Start Face Wash line comes in 4 fruity and natural variants:

  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Peach

Here in Cebu, I chanced upon this face wash at a Gaisano Supermarket near us.


I have long since recognized Himalaya products and for sure, they have their own loyal patrons for surviving the personal care and beauty section in the Philippines as we give great importance to having clear and lighter colored skin.

I have used one of their washes years back, but can’t remember which one it was. The only reason I can remember from discontinuing it was when I could no longer find the variant I wanted at the supermarket near us.  Over the years, their packaging has also changed and this time, this line of face wash id definitely attractive as compared to their other container designs.

I have been pretty amazed by this Indian product (apart from my love of some Indian food haha!) that I would like to share its benefits to you as it did for me.

Now, to get the PROs and CONS of the Lemon Fresh Start Oil Clear face wash:


  • As indicated, it does a great job in removing oils and impurities on your face
  • Thick formula (for those who like to see much of the product in small amounts)
  • Has gentle natural beads (I personally like a beady wash to help take away the dirt and smoothen out my skin)
  • *Does not totally leave your face feeling tight and dry after a wash (*check CONS)
  • It did not give me any breakouts!

CONS (Not major problems to me at all)

  • No strong lemony scent as I would have expected from its packaging (which is fine because it does its job)
  • Has microbeads (some people prefer a non-scrub, non-beady facial wash)
  • It does not foam up right away when you rub or prepare it in your hands, but it does bubble up on your face.
  • After washing, your face may still feel soapy, though. I don’t mind.
  • It contains salicylic acid which some may be allergic to.
  • *I also noticed after a full week of using the wash, the skin around my eyes started feeling dry and a bit itchy that I needed to use a moisturizer to repair the skin there. It could probably be the salicylic acid. But generally, my face likes the wash.

See the result for yourself after 3 days and nights of use:


*Again, I have large pores, combination/oily skin, acne-prone skin but it works just fine on my face and I like it! 🙂

Himalaya being 89 years in the beauty and wellness industry, is proof that they have really done a lot of good with their products and social responsibility.

Welcome to The Himalaya Drug Company
Taken from Himalaya’s About Us page

This face wash may be hard to find as it is not available in all supermarkets and drugstores but for the very purpose it states on its label, it targets and answers the oiliness concerns. Though there is not much to read about it on their website for my location, it is good to see a good number of individuals who are actually writing about this stuff as well.

I hope you, too, can try it soon! After all, there are still other variants!

Hope this helped you out in your search. Share your experience with us after using the Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash in the comments section! 🙂


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