“Great things come in small packages”, the adage says, and it could not be any truer for me when it comes to finding great finds atΒ Watsons.

I was out on the hunt for a body scrub and noticed this small tub that accumulated just enough shelf space among other good-looking brands of body scrubs. Not familiar with this brand “Belfour”, I wondered if this were any good at all. But I went ahead and bought it to try it later on at home.


I wanted to make sure that I was satisfied with the use of this product before I created a review of this Calamansi Extract salt scrub, so I waited until it was almost out.

You see, I have these red bumps on my arms that are not itchy but are just aesthetically annoying that it oftentimes becomes the factor in my choice of upper apparel.


Read more about how to get rid of your red bumps here:

After using it twice a week for a month (used a fistful for my arms and thighs) I noticed the following:

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 10.49.46 AM.png


  • My arms were a lot smoother
  • The red bumps were not protruding as much as they did
  • My skin felt smoother
  • FDA REGISTERED! Check here
  • Tub container allows you to scoop by hand the amount you need
  • Php 195.00 seems reasonable for its quality compared to more expensive brands


  • Not available in all Watsons stores (as many other products are)


Although I cannot speak much about it for being a whitening product, as it was not my purpose for buying it, it still delights me to know that I chose a body scrub BRAND that is FDA Philippines registered! Belfour also offers other skincare products that are FDA registered and I will no doubt be trusting to use as this scrub alone has been promising in purpose. I am extremely proud of my decision for choosing this product over the other body scrubs that were on that same shelf – I guess they would still be great products as well.

All in all, this product is totally JUST FINE approved! πŸ™‚

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